Baby Oil Massage Benefits, Tips & How to Do

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Baby Oil Massage

Remember the tales your parents had told you about your childhood? Remember them sharing their experience of holding you in their arms for the first time?

The immemorial feeling of holding your tender new born child in your arms is indeed priceless. You never want to let go, you keep looking at it till the time from a distance until the nurses shoo you off.

We all have dreams for our children and want to fulfill them in the best way we can. We would want to nurture it in the best manner and at any price. Newborn baby is a world within itself. One of the most intimate bonds you can ever build with this little bundle of joy is the touch and comfort of a good massage. But obviously there are a lot of questions which might erupt, like how do I massage my baby? When should I massage? Which oil should I use?

Relax, all these questions will be answered in here.

Have a good read and wish you all the best for making a strong bonding with your baby.

Here are some important benefits of baby massage

  • Massages help the baby in sleeping deep and relaxed. This involves your relaxation too
  • Stress levels of babies are reduced (Yes, babies too have their own things to stress about!)
  • Suffering from wind and colic is reduced with the help of massages
  • It strengthens the bond between you and your child
  • Helps releasing Oxytocin hormone. It reduces stress. (Well, and it reduces your stress too!)

We know that after reading these benefits you are even more charged up to take the next step and massage your most priced possession.

When should I massage my baby?

The timing is very important. You should wait for at least 45 minutes after the baby is fed before you massage. Also it is important to notice the indications your baby is giving or how it is behaving. If the baby is calm and sitting quietly then you can be sure that the baby will really enjoy the massage. And if the baby is restless, not looking at you or becomes stiff when you lift it — it isn’t a good time to give it a massage.

How many times do you massage the baby is up to you. If the baby is enjoying it then you might give a massage everyday. And the best time to give a massage to your toddler is night time because that is the time when calmness quotient is on its peak.

How should I massage my baby?

Even toddler massages require a little preparation. With a little arrangement and care you are good to go –

A Calm Atmosphere – Create the kind of atmosphere which you would like to be in while you are being massaged. Yes, it has to be calm and quiet and of course warm. Make sure that you have removed all your jewelry and your clothing is comfortable. Your comfort is as important as your baby’s. Then place your baby in a good comfortable position on its back. Remember, it is important to maintain eye contact.

Tender Touch – You are massaging your baby for the first time. Make sure that you go as gently as you can. You definitely do not want to hurt it. Also do not tickle because it might get irritated. As the baby grows you can gradually start using firmer touch to reinforce and strengthen its muscular growth.

Action Time! – Now begins the actual process of massage. You can begin rubbing different areas like head, neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, thighs, legs and feet. Do it for a minute and then you can turn it around and flex your baby’s arms and legs.

Talk To Your Baby – Eye contact is a very important communication being shared during the massage. Also talking to baby means a lot, so that it can feel relaxed.

Should I use oil?

It is totally up to you. Some prefer to use oil because they are afraid that the friction while massaging might injure your baby and others don’t prefer using oil because it becomes messy. If you are afraid that the oil you are using might cause rashes on your baby’s body then take a little amount to apply it to a patch of skin and watch for any reaction seen in the body.

Go Almond oil!

Almond oil has a lot of benefits. We are listing the important ones for you –

  • Helps moisturizing baby’s skin
  • Good for skin allergies
  • Repairs dry skin
  • Makes the skin shining and glowing
  • Removes dandruff and cradle crap
  • Makes the nails strong and shiny

Before you buy almond oil and begin the massage

16 Reasons to get City Mini GT – Baby’s First Automobile!

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Blessed with a new baby in the house? Congratulations!

For sure, after the long pregnancy break; a walk outside could be a relishing breeze of liberation from the grounded feel you’ve been through lately.

Yes, it’s a great time to move out.

Worried about how will you manage the new-born while outside?

Relax! Baby Jogger City Mini GT has got you covered. Now you can give your baby, a fresh new feel of the world outside and also break free from strenuous caretaking.

Here are some really good reasons pointing at why Baby Jogger City Mini GT is the best stroller for newborns…

1. Large Canopy

City mini model has a huge canopy with three sided peekaboo to provide maximized sunlight and rain protection. However, the peekaboo windows come with a pretty noisy Velcro closure that might spoil your little one’s sleep.

You can choose to go for noise-free magnetic canopy option which is available in the higher city elite model.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Large Canopy Review

2. Fabric Quality

Baby Jogger’s quality is quite commendable.

Made of 47% Nylon / 43% Polyester / 8% Polyurethane Foam / 2% TPU, its fabric is very strong and long-lasting. Although it is susceptible to getting easily stained and its black plastic on the exterior can show marks over time; it is also very easy clean polymer. Moreover, the rubber handlebars are also durable.

City Mini GT - Seat Fabric Quality Review

3. Adjustable Handle

An adjustable handle that is capable of rising almost 30″ to 42″ from ground level, makes a very cool thing when it comes to having an easy handling experience.

City Mini GT Adjustable Handlebar Review

4. One-hand recline

With an infinite recline governed by strap system, pulling the clip on the strap is all you’ll need to set it right. Setting back the seat will need a help of both hands. Recline isn’t quite recommended for newborns, they are good to use for babies over 6 months.

City Mini GT Recline Review

5. One-hand fold

This is one of the key specialties offered by city mini GT model.

A butter smooth ease in folding comes in handy at all times. Maneuvering it, only needs to pull the middle of the seat and stroller slides into a fold. A compact fold also makes it feel a lot lighter than other options out there.

City Mini GT - One Hand Folding Review

6. Five Point Harness

With a 5 point adjustable padded harness allows easy customization for different sized kids, in a very convenient manner. The buckle clip might be a challenge for a toddler but few year olds can easily unlock it.

7. Hand brake

Having hand brake in stroller makes life little easy for you compares to leg brake. And, that feature is available in City mini GT.

City Mini GT - Hand Brak Review

8. Travel system option

Get a car-seat adapter and you’ll be having a travel system version of your city mini.

Each car seat needs its own adapter so make sure you know what suits your car the most before making the purchase. The GT works with most popular car seats like:

  • Britax B-Safe/Britax Chaperone
  • Graco Classic Connect/Click Connect
  • Nuna Pipa
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP/SIP 30/4-35
  • Maxi Cosi Cabrio/Mico/Mico AP/Mico Nxt
  • Cybex Anton/ Anton 2/Aonton Q
  • Chicco KeyFit/Chicco KeyFit 30 (top rated car seat)

9. Weight

While making the comfort and space arrangements blended well within strength and product life; keeping strollers light in weight and easy to carry along is not an easy thing to find.

With Baby Jogger city mini GT’s 21 lbs 8 oz weight; its weight/folded size ratio scores an exceptional 8 on 10. It easily fits perfectly well in an average sized car’s trunk. Yey! No cancelling any picnics and outings because of stroller’s logistic limitations anymore.

City Mini GT - Weight Review

10. Wheels

8.5″ foam inflated tyres are a forever deal for every kind of terrain without any worries of going flat. Rear wheels are easy to detach with a simple push.

Front wheel:
Single swivel 360 degree free rotating from wheel is good for quick twists and turns. However there is an option to lock it straight during regular journeys, to keep a single forward direction.

City Mini GT - Wheel Review

11. Large Pocket

With a large pocket mesh; city mini GT model has plenty of space for you to carry along your personal (like keys, cell phone etc.) as well as baby-care stuff without any worries at all.

City Mini Gt - Basket Review

12. Roomy Seat

Everyone needs space; big or small. Space makes up one of the key factors in ambient ease and calm. A congested, stuffed up, jam-packed feeling is only an invitation to discomfort and annoyed cries when it comes to little souls.

Baby Jogger city mini GT provides a very spacious, cozy seating arrangement for your baby to be cuddled up into.

Compare to Citi Mini model, it is a little bit larger. This model can be an apt suit for a tall child because its padding is 14″ wide & 26″ high with an 11″ leg drop. It is also available in a deep seat of 10″.

And more comfort for your baby is definitely going to be a better relaxing experience for you.

City Mini GT Roomy Seat Review

13. Mesh Window

Not blocking the ventilation aspects for the little one, city mini model has mesh window to allow smooth air circulation.

City Mini GT - Peekaboo Review

14. Height

Kids can be born with in pretty wide range of heights. Plus the growth from a newly born to 4-5 years brings in more growth to accommodate in the stroller. No one would want to keep upgrading their baby stroller every now and then to match the kid’s growth.

Keeping these aspects in mind; Baby Jogger city mini GT comes with a sufficient sitting height of 44″, which is higher than most strollers out there. This also allows more space for you kids to swing the hands freely without getting hit by the stroller’s hood.

15. Basket

It is average. You have to make extra effort to take out things in and out but it will be easier if you access things from the sides.

16. Attractive Color Range

With many attractive colors to choose from:

  • gray and yellow
  • gray and green
  • gray and orange
  • gray and red
  • gray and blue
  • all black

Also here’s some really cool set of accessories, you can enhance your Baby Jogger city mini GT with:

  • Snack tray
  • Universal parent console
  • Glider board
  • Belly bar
  • Bassinet/Pram
  • Rain cover
  • Car seat adapter
  • Carry bag

Although the accessories may not be a part of the basic purchase, they are really easy to find and shop on amazon. Lot of accessories are so universal that they can be used across a wide range of strollers.


Giving your kid a ride of comfort and you the joy of togetherness almost wherever you go, Baby Jogger city mini GT is a great buy.

If you have your valued feedbacks to chip in or stories to share from your experiences with the Baby Jogger; please pen down your thoughts in the comments section below.


15 Useful Things to Consider while Buying a Stroller

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Various Baby Strollers

How difficult could it be to buy a stroller for your newborn? If most of the parents can do it, you also can do…right? Well buying a stroller or pram for your baby is not difficult, but understanding your newborn’s requirement and comfort is bit serious job.

Well, too many options confuse you in life isn’t it? While so many options available in the market, it becomes really difficult to choose best among them along with our criteria. After the delivery of a child, commuting with new baby becomes the top most priority. It is very important to choose the right set of wheels for your baby and honestly, it is the most time-consuming task.

Stroller or pram is very convenient and the easiest way to commute with a new baby. Well there are many things one need to remember while purchasing stroller such as:

  1. Comfort:
  2. The stroller should be absolutely comfortable for the kid. In case you are buying the stroller for a newborn, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t need to recline flat but yes it needs to recline 130 degrees from the horizontal to the suitable position so its comforts the child.

  3. Safety:
  4. Recently, I went through the news that a baby boy fall down due to pram collapsed. So the safety should unavoidable concern while for your kid’s baby concern and thus there are mandatory safety rules which you should not overlook such as,

    • Tether belt as it helps the pusher of stroller to have control over the stroller
    • It should have an inbuilt self-control harness to look after the child from falling
    • Ensure parking brakes so that the stroller doesn’t roll away from the road
    • One can even consider stroller with electronic brake which are touch sensitive and thus stops the stroller once you remove your hand from the stroller.
  5. Five-Point Harness:
  6. Check if it has 5 point harness (crotch, legs, both shoulders, waist) which is adjustable and easy to use of kind.

    The 5 point harness is basically a form of seat belt which comprises of five straps. It is accumulated to the car frame wherein two are located at the shoulders, hips and one is attached to the crotch. The straps help in holding the body tightly thus protecting the upper body from slipping or any injury.

  7. Adjustable Handle:
  8. A Stroller should have adjustable handle along with easily changeable stroller direction which will also help in handling the stroller by hand. So other family members can easily carry it while you are engaged in other tasks.

  9. Parking Device
  10. While pushing a stroller, there should be limit in the stroller movements or it loses the control. Thus, the parking device plays an important role in the purchasing the stroller.

    Check the parking device and purchase the one in which it is RED in colour along with black frame so that you can easily recognise.

  11. Easy to Fold & Compact
  12. It will be an excellent idea if you consider buying a stroller that is easy to fold and compact as it saves time and energy. Also, it occupies less space which helps in the storage.

  13. Size & weight
  14. We all know that the travelling has become a part of our life. You need to also consider the size of your vehicle or travel system which you will be using in near future before purchasing a stroller. As if it doesn’t fit in your vehicle it will quite stressful to carry the stroller for a long journey.

  15. Facility to attach additional toddler seat or skateboard
  16. Well, if you have planned your family in advance and are looking for more space then consider buying a stroller with additional toddler seat or a skateboard.

    Because the additional seat attached to the stroller will allow you to carry a toddler as well as a newborn. On the other hand, a skateboard is a board on wheels that clips onto the back axle of the stroller. So the elder kid can stand on this, holding the back of the stroller as you push them from behind.

  17. Canopy
  18. Check whether the canopy/hood has a reasonable area of shade so that your kid doesn’t get affected by harsh sun rays. This protection will make relaxed ride for your newborn.

  19. Bumper Bar
  20. Some pram doesn’t have bumper bar but it is recommended to have it. Your baby can hang onto and gives extra safety & security to your new born. It is also essential as kids start to lean out and pose danger in the midst of journey.

  21. Purpose/Activities will you do with the pram or according to local terrain
  22. a. Space for shopping or add-on option

    Also check the storage space under the stroller. While shopping, you can utilise this space to place purchased things. You feel comfortable while shopping with your baby.

    Further, you can also store newborns’ necessities such as diapers, food bag, etc. while going outside or for a walk.

    b. Walk in a Park or Rough Terrain:

    If you are going to walk in a park, you should buy a pram which has bigger wheels. This pram will be easier to push and roll over bumps and non-paved surfaces. Check the air pressure in the wheels of the baby stroller for a better ride.

    You can opt for all – terrain stroller as they come with air filled tyres and can be used on all kind of surfaces. They can easily be used on rough sidewalks along with uneven ground and thus are highly beneficial for families residing in rural areas.

    c. Talking on Cell while Walking:

    If you are busy on a cell for more time during the day, you need to own a pram which is easily movable with one hand.

  23. Budget
  24. Budget is the most important part of the purchase. You need to set a particular budget which will fit into your criteria and help in filtering the products easily. A little bit of research will definitely save you some pennies.

    If you are getting some good features in a pram by adding extra pennies to your budget, you should do that. As these features will make your life more comfortable while utilising a baby stroller.

  25. Evaluate warranties
  26. Do not forget to collect the warranty as well as guarantee card while purchasing the stroller. Evaluating warranty of prams of various brands gives you an indication of which brand offers more. And, choose that one if that brand is trusted & suits with your other requirements.

    As having long time warranties will protect you in the event of unexpected damage.

  27. Brakes
  28. If you can afford some extra pennies, look out this feature as well. You can halt the stroller on a slope to prevent damages.

    Check the functioning of brakes while trying to push the handle. Consider having rear brakes which are linked as they are highly handy. In such case, the left and right brakes can be locked with a single action.

    There are few prams with front brakes which are highly handy on a stroller. The locks can be easily activated and released while travelling.

    Electronic Brakes – Electronic brakes are highly efficient as the brakes start functioning quickly, once the user lifts its hand off its handle. Due to electronic brakes, the stroller can be easily operated and relied tremendously. It encompasses more safety features compared to the other baby prams or strollers. The electronic braking system can be utilised up to 10 days and it can also charge smartphone with the help of USB port on its side.

  29. After Sales Service:
  30. Kindly check the customer service system as it is the crucial aspect of client servicing. Ensure that the supplier provides you the after sales service wherein the supplier makes sure that the client is satisfied with the product.

It is very important to keep these guidelines in mind so that you don’t have to go through any confusion while buying a stroller. Though it is not a very difficult task but it is still essential to sort your priorities and to consider the best option available in the market.

Kindly share your feedback or suggestion for buying a pram below in the comments.